Surf lessons in Figueira da Foz? How does it work? How much is it? I want to try it!

A surf lesson is a unique and unforgettable moment. Starts with you putting on a wetsuit, grabbing the board and running to the sea. Getting to the beach and warming up looking at the water to discover the best waves. And then, the best part, the feeling of sliding on a wave until you reach the sand.
Regras de segurança Surf

The logistics of a surf lesson are very simple. You just need to bring a bathing suit and your good mood; we take care of the rest.

Each surf lesson is divided into 3 key moments: warm-up, explanation and fun. After putting on the wetsuit and grabbing the board, we go together to the seaside, where we start the warm-up. During warm-up you will do some mobility exercises and activate the cardiorespiratory system, usually with traditional games and small exercises.

Still on the beach, we start an explanation about surfing techniques, the material, safety rules and how the class will go in the water. At this stage, you can (and should) clarify any doubts. After listening to the theory, you will try to put your new surfing techniques into practice by training them in the sand.

And now it is fun time! Grab the board and everything you’ve learned and you’re ready to get in the water and start surfing. You start by catching white waves and small waves and as your level grows, you can start dreaming of bigger and more challenging waves.

At the end of the class, we get out of the water together and head to the school, where you should help to store the material you have used.

Each lesson lasts 90 minutes.

Aquecimento Aula de Surf
Regras de segurança Surf
Aulas de Surf Iniciados na Figueira da Foz

We have surf classes for all levels of surf, from the first waves to the first aerials.


First contact with surf. Process of getting familiar with the sport, aquatic environment and waves. Acquisition of knowledge about the material and safety rules.


Autonomous students that know how to position themselves on the board to paddle, take-off and perform white wave turns. Good knowledge of the safety rules and ability to read the wave conditions.


Autonomous students, who already know how to choose waves and perform maneuvers with control and strength. Good knowledge of safety and priority rules.

Check the price of a surf lesson:

Group Lessons

Groups of 5 students (max.) for 1 coach. We arrange the groups, you just have to book a class. Includes insurance, board and wetsuit.

 1 Lesson  30€
 3 Lessons  85€
 5 Lessons  125€
 10 Lessons  220€
 15 Lessons  300€

Private Lessons

A coach just for you or a coach just for your small group. In these classes you can enjoy a more flexible schedule. Ideal to perfect the technique or to bring your loved ones. Material and insurance are included.

  High Season Low Season
1 Person 60€ 45€
2 People  100€  75€
3 People 125€ 100€

*High season: April 1st to October 31st

*Low season: November 1st to March 31st

Team Building​

Classes for companies, schools, groups of friends or bachelor parties. The ratio of 1 coach to 5 students (maximum) is maintained and, as in all classes, material and insurance are included.

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For years I wanted to stop being just a 'bathtub surfer'... Thanks to the incredible people from Dude and their motivation to teach, I started my journey on surf. Now I don't think about anything other than going back to the water whenever I can!
Raquel Margalho
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Eager to try a surf lesson in Portugal?

We are a surf school in Figueira da Foz! Come alone, with your family, with friends or colleagues. Choose a group lesson to meet more people or a private class to be only with your loved ones. Do you want to bring classmates or work colleagues? We also have Team Building classes.